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Doing the right projects

Ready to define and refine your organisation’s strategic goals and accelerate change? Then we have something to show you. Fortes Change Cloud enables you to create, evaluate, and adjust strategies to support your vision. With efficient Project Portfolio and Project Management tools. While continuously keeping an eye on resources as well as monitoring performance and measuring results. 

  • Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Scaled Agile Portfolio Management

Doing projects right

Looking for an intuitive solution for Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)? One that allows you turn every project into a success? Through managing capacity and resources? With a tight Office365 integration? ProjectFlow is flexible, customisable, and scalable. Meaning that if your organisation grows, we keep growing with you.

  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Collaboration
  • Office 365 Integration

Running the business

Successfully executing projects; from start to finish. Whether it involves managing capacity and budgets, time tracking or invoicing, QicsMilestones helps optimise any business process. Through using our Professional Services Automation (PSA) software, you will increase efficiency and save valuable time, ultimately leading to project profitability.

  • Resource planning
  • Hour registration
  • Billing

Creating valuable insights

Curious about your valuable project data, waiting to be unlocked? We have what you need! Our advanced BI platform allows you to measure, analyse and report project data through Power BI. From strategy to execution. What is more, we provide customisable report templates to adapt to your specific needs. So, you can bring your data to life in a way that reflects your company.  

  • Dashboarding
  • Analytics
  • Power BI

Meet our clients

“QicsMilestones is really a breath of fresh air compared to how we worked before. The project management is simple and the flexibility is huge."

"With Fortes we can finally see where the bottlenecks are and what are the consequences of the agreements we make."

Hans Ooms, Project Leader and Controller, LVNL

"What made us decide to go back to QicsMilestones was that it was not only faster and easier than the solution we were using, but it was the personal relationship that stayed with us." 

Egbert Vos, financial controller BDO Dutch Caribbean

 “With capacity management in ProjectFlow we get an overview on the management of how many projects we can run at a time, and when.”- 

"Now that we've been working with Fortes, we really invested in working together as a team. We are now reaping the benefits of that." 

Yvonne Tack, Project Manager, Municipality of Tilburg

“QicsMilestones has delivered significant efficiencies to xxllnc, both in terms of cost savings and in terms of human commitment. We achieved this mainly because we were able to optimize all our processes." 

Wolter Kreun, Chief Operations Officer xxllnc 

 “The management gets the right information for the meetings, and ProjectFlow 365 is just as much a tool for the project managers to prioritize in everyday life."

“ProjectFlow 365 is more intuitive and scaled to what we need.”

“ProjectFlow creates overview and is actively used by the employees on a daily basis. It's not just a management tool. It creates value in the daily operations for everyone.” 

"Vi har integreret ProjectFlow 365 tæt med vores økonomisystem og Office 365, så vi har én samlet tilgang til styring – og information om – vores projekter."

Qics - Your project partner

Since 2000, Qics has been at the forefront of developing software solutions to successfully manage complex projects and portfolios for our clients across the globe. Our intuitive, flexible, and scalable software is developed to serve any type of project-driven businesses.  From selecting the right projects and portfolios to ultimately invoicing clients; Qics is your partner, every step of the way.

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Always at the forefront

We are pioneers in developing smart software solutions to assist you in your project and portfolio processes. We continuously meet our clients’ needs and comply with current laws and legislation.

Flexible and scalable solutions

Our SaaS solutions serve any type of business; big and small. Whether you are operating on a national or international level, no challenge is too complex for us to find a suitable solution.

Continuous client satisfaction

Our clients not only value our user-friendly SaaS solutions, they also appreciate our personal approach and our forward-thinking people. Whatever your needs, we have got you covered.

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Collaboration across the globe 

From Canada to Curacao and from Greenland to Australia; our software can be used anywhere and anytime. This allows our clients to successfully collaborate no matter where they are. Our smart SaaS solutions know no limits.

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